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minka_ is an open network that enables organizations to move money in real time


money must flow


We connect the world's balances through the web using shared, connected ledgers.

This makes the incredibly complex process of publishing and moving balances simple, fast & secure.

Without the nightmare of reconciliation, hidden fees and long integrations.


Balances are available immediately and
instantly cleared


Connect directly to the last mile metal. No reconciliation, no intermediaries


Integrate in days instead of months or years


Configurable, flexible rulesfor any type of payment flow using smart contracts

Future proof

Access other payment networks using a single integration


Immutable, append-only, auditable layer two built on top of any settlement layer

the who

balances are

minka_ is used by companies building the future of finance to publish, move and exchange balances


offer low cost, instant real time clearing and settlement


simplest, fastest way to generate new revenue streams through open banking


develop more user-friendly digital products using seamless payments

the HOW

building blocks

That enable organizations to build a new wave of financial services

PUBLISH balances

Ledger enables organizations to publish and move balances on the network

Published money can be moved securely to any other connected ledger in real time using cryptographically-signed promises to pay

EXCHANGE balances

Bridge enables organizations to exchange balances with thousands of institutions using a single integration built in days, not months or years

To the network a bridge serves as a last
mile, local on/off ramps
Our investors
minka_ is backed by some of the best investors in the fintech space

let´s build the minka_
network together.

Ready? Let´s talk
Mink'a, Minka, Minga (from Quechua minccacuni) is an Inca
tradition of community work for purposes of social utility and community infrastructure projects