Money must flow

Programmable Money A Platform-as-a-Service to unlock money movement

An open, use-case agnostic network to connect the world’s balances through the web
Enabling money movement in real-time when need it, at any place

Flexible rules on how money can be used, shared and transformed

Customized build and connection of money systems

Clear integration with financial institutions and enterprises

Our solutions

Real Time Payments

Develop a platform that brings together financial institutions to make money flow in seconds instead of hours

More about RTP

Alias Directory

Integrate alias to your payment network to improve the UX by replacing account numbers for relatable info such as phone and mail

More about Alias

Ledger as a Service

Manage and track money movements, reward points, or other forms of value in a reliable, scalable and flexible system

More about Ledger
secure, digital cash ilustration

Secure, digital cash

Digital intents abstract real-world money for processing transactions. This approach allows for authorizing new transactions and managing all changes through secure digital signatures

Unlimited scalability ilustration

Unlimited scalability

Unlimited flexibility and reach. By separating the Intents from the money itself, our system handles countless balance movements and exchanges, making it possible to represent and transfer any type of money across all participating ledgers

Flexible for your needs ilustration

Flexible for your needs

Powerful Low-level protocol. Our foundational technology sets the rules for how money is issued and transferred, ensuring flexibility and compatibility across various financial operations and different levels of complexity

building blocks


A micro-service for clearing transactions in multiple currencies using digital signatures. At its core, Minka Ledger uses claims to represent transaction requests, authorize new transaction records and drive all state transitions using digital signatures


Bridge represents a protocol to connect an entity that people trust to hold their deposits to the Cloud. The role of Bridge is to enable a claims swap between credit in fiat, cryptocurrency, loyalty points and the Cloud.

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Real time payments, alias directory and more

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