The first payment on Mars was powered by minka

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During the last 50 years, the financial system has developed in a disconnected manner.

The payment systems, financial entities, and money platforms were created independently, which has constrained the rapid and efficient exchange of money.

We simplify how humans and businesses interact with money, making money movement as simple as possible.

We aim to fulfill the mission mirroring the ease of instant messaging and information, but for financial transactions and products.

Our mission is to revolutionize current financial infrastructures. Just as WhatsApp transformed the way people communicate, minka is now transforming how money moves.

Our mission is real-time, frictionless money movement for all.

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We value highly-motivated, somewhat crazy, and creative individuals on a mission to improve the way people interact with money.

We are a fintech who believes in innovating at the way we work to impact the financial ecosystem on the long term.  We are located between Latam, US and Europe and work remotely, with several roles assigned per person, depending on their skillset. This allows us to bring value with a senior team (individual contributors), who also enjoy being hands-on and strategic.

In every role at minka, you will collaborate closely with other members of the Product, Engineering and Sales teams. We are building a new infrastructure for money and prefer product-based approaches and scalability.

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Clear salary curves and leves for you to grow

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Health is crucial for all of us at minka


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You can have 2 sessions every month

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